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At Dobix Healthcare, we fully understand the immense value of your loved one's welfare. With that as our core focus, we are wholeheartedly committed to offering top-notch Supported Living Care, as well as a variety of in-home care services across the UK. As a leading purveyor of supported living accommodations, it's our privilege to extend customised care solutions, designed with utmost sincerity and specifically tailored to meet each individual's unique needs.

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At Dobix Healthcare, we believe that every individual deserves care that's as unique as they are. Drawing from years of expertise in the sector, we offer a suite of services designed to cater to diverse needs. From our dedicated Supported Living Care to specialised assistance for those with complex conditions, our team stands ready to provide compassionate and customised support. Trust in us to always prioritise the well-being and dignity of those we serve.

Supported Living Solutions:

Our supported living offerings are diligently designed to amplify personal independence. While providing essential backing, we take immense pride in our comfortable and secure living spaces, ensuring a haven where your loved ones can not only feel at home but truly thrive.

Hourly Home Care Services:

For individuals seeking support at specific hours, our hourly home care services serve as the ideal solution. We’re fully cognisant of the importance of hourly care costs and strive to offer value-driven services without compromising on quality.

Specialised Care Services:

At Dobix Healthcare, we recognise the distinct needs that come with specific medical conditions. Our dedicated team of personal care assistants is at the ready to provide customised care, meticulously tailored to meet those unique requirements.

End of Life Care:

In life’s most challenging moments, Dobix Healthcare’s experienced live-in carers are there to offer unwavering assistance. Our tailored live-in care ensures your loved ones experience comfort and familiarity in their own home during their final journey.

Domiciliary Care at Home:

Our domiciliary care services are provided by warm-hearted and highly skilled carers, committed to enabling individuals to preserve their valued independence. As a registered home care agency, Dobix Healthcare remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding the highest standards of care.

Hospital to Home Care:

We excel in facilitating a seamless hospital discharge, offering a comprehensive ‘hospital-at-home’ service that ensures a smooth transition from hospital surroundings to the comfortable confines of one’s own residence. Our pre-discharge and post-hospital services are meticulously designed to guarantee an unbroken recovery journey.

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Amid a sea of accolades and testimonials, one constant remains: the genuine gratitude and satisfaction from our clientele. These earnest words are a true testament to the quality and devotion we infuse into our services.


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