Supported Living
Revolutionising Personal Freedom

Here at Dobix Healthcare, we're taking Supported Living services to the next level. We are rooted in the belief that everyone should have the chance to thrive in an environment tailored just for them. With our unwavering dedication to top-tier, heart-centred care, you can count on us to offer a truly enriching life experience.

Why Choose Us

Seasoned Care Professionals:

Our team, steeped in empathy and experience, places a premium on the continuity of care. Residents are guaranteed consistent, dedicated support at every turn.

Bespoke Care Journeys:

At Dobix Healthcare, individuality isn't just acknowledged; it's celebrated. We meticulously design personalised care plans, from daily life tasks to complex care needs, for a truly tailored experience.

Social Flourishing:

We actively nurture social engagement within our Supported Living communities. Varied activities and gatherings ensure a vibrant sense of community and friendship.

Family Assurance:

We offer families the ultimate peace of mind. Through regular updates and transparent communication channels, we keep loved ones informed and reassured.

Dignified Empowerment:

We go beyond basic care; we are advocates for personal dignity. Our Supported Living ethos encourages individuals to live life on their own terms while ensuring their comprehensive well-being.

Unlocking Your Potential:

Our care philosophy at Dobix Healthcare is engineered to encourage personal development and independence. We help individuals set their own milestones within a secure and encouraging setting.